Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean’s beautiful crystal clear blue waters are inviting and warm all year long. The Caribbean is the perfect place for a family beach vacation, destination wedding, honeymoon, or a couple’s long weekend getaway. With so many resorts to choose from I am happy to assist each family to find their perfect island and resort.

Hawaiian & French Polynesian Islands

For the ultimate dream vacation staying in an over the water bungalow in French Polynesia is absolute paradise. Walking on a glass floor in your bungalow with tropical fish beneath you is an experience you will not soon forget.


Want to visit multiple destinations while sleeping in the same bed each night? Cruising is a wonderful option for families, couples, and multi-generational family vacations. Cruises can range from 3 nights to 300 nights. With so many cruising options, let me help you find the right cruise ship and destination for you and your family.

Disney & Universal Vacations

Disney can be overwhelming but I truly enjoy helping families plan every detail of their Disney vacation. With children, who love Disney as much as I do, I know all the ins and outs of Disney and am happy to share all my tips and tricks as well as restaurant and fast pass recommendations.